Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments


Hey, is Himself grinding his jaw alla sudden? In Argentina, are His pupils dilated from fear or ___________?


Is America just the first country to fall under Bushite's world domination?

Do you think that someone who has run for President, has his own broadcasting network heard by a million people daily, is a "private" citizen?

Isn't Bush basically making human sacrifice? Soldiers "lose" their lives; it's Bush doing the sacrificing.


Doesn't this Pope look like he's just learning to smile? Shouldn't someone tell him to forget about it or whiten his teeth?

Remember when Reagan's head started waggling and his voice kinda gargled like Pat Robertson's? Was that an early symptom of alzheimers ?

Are you getting an uneasy feeling that, with a policy of control-the-mideast, the Pentagon can no longer afford military bases in for defense of the homeland and prefers new, small bases that are for attack only?


Would women have the right to vote if the Supreme Court had always been "strict constructionists"?


Why was Guckert/Gannon inside the White House more than 20 times when NO press conference was going on?
Was he spending regular time with Karl Rove? Don't those two make an interesting couple?


Does it seem ironic to you too
that the people who are so into having the 10 commandments
on display
are so often people who appear,
in their daily lives,
to pay absolutely no attention to them?


Did you see Bush use the word "disassemble"
when he should have said "dissemble"?
How'd you like his "read my lips" Sunday-school teacher-pose
defining the word he used as "not telling the truth"?

Do you think he ever finds out what an ass he made of himself?
Or looks "disassemble" up in a dictionary?
Or just fires the speech-writer who assumed Bush knew/could read the word?
Or that someone else fires the speechwriter 'cuz Bush will never know?


What is wrong with me?? Why can't I figure out how to post a link, or link a post, or template a URL? And what on earth now is a tag???

Do you know about the Cultural Revolution in China that happened after the communist revolution?
Do you think the "Culture of Life" being talked about by the super-christians is sort of the same thing?
Think he'll ever want to be called "Chairman Bush?


the Downing Street memo is to the Bush regime

what the Pentagon Papers were to Nixon:



Have you ever looked up the definition of "insurgents"? How about "resistance"?
Insurgents fight against an established government; resistance fights against an illegitimate government or occupation; isn't that an important difference?

Is there an established government in Iraq?

Have you ever heard the term Adrianna Huffington uses ("revisionism")? Does it fit a situation like how in one online dictionary out of, oh, ten, they defined insurgents as resistance? Can you believe they said it was a recent usage by some powerful countries?


Since the government refuses to talk about how many nukes it has (it's supposed to be getting rid of them, by treaty) with other countries at the Treaty meeting, do you kinda start thinking that maybe the US has alot alot of nukes?

Do you think maybe there are enough for everybody to have one?

Can I have one?


Does Bush actually KNOW what's going on in Iraq? Is it possible that he likes it like this? Have you noticed how much more piercing his eyes are? (Are his pupils dilated?)


In Congress, who wears more wigs, Republicans or Democrats?

Is Dr. Frist gay?