Since the government refuses to talk about how many nukes it has (it's supposed to be getting rid of them, by treaty) with other countries at the Treaty meeting, do you kinda start thinking that maybe the US has alot alot of nukes?

Do you think maybe there are enough for everybody to have one?

Can I have one?


Does Bush actually KNOW what's going on in Iraq? Is it possible that he likes it like this? Have you noticed how much more piercing his eyes are? (Are his pupils dilated?)


In Congress, who wears more wigs, Republicans or Democrats?

Is Dr. Frist gay?

Does the President want to control the world?


In this "nuke the senate" thing,
does this mean the Republican Neo-Cons
are counting on never holding
another real election?


Does the President plan to close military bases in the US
BEFORE he closes them in Europe,
is that because he's pretty sure that America's is already conquered?